Why maintain healthy weight and eat high nutritional value food?

Our diets these days contain a lot of sugars, and consumption of such foods result in the storage of fat all around your body. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight as it is related to variety of very serious medical conditions or disorders. Some of the medical disorders that may arise are diabetes and arthritis.

If you want to maintain healthy weight, you need to incorporate at least thirty minutes of exercise in your daily routine. That exercise doesn’t have to be weight training or anything of that sort; you can simply do some cardio, run on treadmill or go outside your house for a walk. Sometimes, running on a treadmill is considered a best option because of its flat surface to run on. Flat surface of treadmill reduces the chances of getting injured compared to those when running or walking outside (where the surface could be unexpected).

Let’s now talk about diabetes. What is diabetes? Well, diabetes is a collection of medical problems that are directly linked to obesity. Our body contain a relatively small organ called pancreas which maintains the level of blood glucose in our blood by releasing two hormones. Those hormones are names insulin and glucagon. As you consume a lot of carbohydrate rich foods, which have very low nutritional value, pancreas has to release a lot of insulin to maintain healthy sugar levels in blood. Continuous consumption of sugars pushes the pancreas to its limits, and overtime it may fail to function, and that is when diabetes results.

Another very common medical disorder, related to obesity, is arthritis. Excess weight, result of carbohydrate consumption, puts a lot of pressure on the joints. Excess pressure of such kinds results in unwanted joint friction, sometimes leading to the leakage of synovial fluid. Over time, such leakage and friction might cause unwanted joint inflammation and pain (arthritis). Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight avoids so many medical problems in the future. Maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy due to genetics and already existing medical problem. So, doctor’s advice should be sought to maintain healthy weight.

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